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Pleasant View Gardens

2015 Go & Grow Kits

A unique concept that takes the guess work out of ordering and improves growing efficiencies. Designed with the small to mid-sized grower in mind, each kit is sized appropriately and includes everything needed to plant and grow. One-stop Order Forms and a single line item category make ordering simple.

Enhanced™72 Kit

Ideal solution for growers looking to either maximize greehouse space, implement quick-turn crops, or start production later in the season. Includes 24 of the top-selling Proven Winners® Annuals as well as new introductions. Includes 24 trays that take up only 240 square feet of greenhouse space.

Enhanced 72 Kit Order Form


Hanging Basket Kit

36, top selling combinations from our finished production, all easy to grow. Comes with enough plants to yield 64 hanging baskets, and includes hang tags and growing instructions.

Hanging Basket Kit Order Form


Patio Pot Kit NEW FOR 2015

Includes eight of our top-selling basket combinations and the 2015 Proven Winners National Combo, each with an additional thriller plant for the center. Comes with enough plant material to yield 32 patio pots, along with stake tags and easy-to-follow growing instructions.

Patio Pot Kit Order Form


Savvy Succulents® Kit

A pre-selected mix of the top-selling varieties. Includes eight 32-count liner trays which yields 64 bowls; 32 of each selected combination. Comes with 8" decorative bowls, grower suggested combinations, production recipe, and a full set of tags.

Patio Pot Kit Order Form


The Edible Collection® Kit

Essentially two kits in one. This kit includes 14 of our most popular herbs, but shipment divided into two parts, shipping slower growers first to give you a head start and two weeks later shipping faster growers to ensure that the entire collection is retail ready at the same time. Comes with tags, growing instructions, and a full set of free point-of-purchase display material.

The Edible Collection® Kit Order Form



The Edible Collection® Basil Kit

All the advantages of our complete Edible Collection Kit now available in a Basil Kit that includes a pre-selected mix of the most popular and newest varieties from the Edible and Fragrant Collections. Comes with full set of coir pots, trays, Snap Off Garden tags, and free point-of-purchase display material.

The Edible Collection® Basil Kit Order Form


Clematis Kit

A total solution program for gowers that includes a mix of four pre-selected varieties. Includes 4 atrays of 1801 liners that yield 72 plants. Comes with containers and snap-on trellises as well as production recipe and complete set of tags.

Clematis Kit Order Form